The 15 Best Breast Lifting Exercises for Women [Illustrated]: 30 Days to Bigger, Firmer, Perkier Boobs (Fitness Model Physique Series)



Get a Workout for Perkier, Firmer Breasts

Ladies, men are not the only ones who should worry about keeping their pecs in shape. Only in your case, you have much more to lose from not doing so. If you want breasts that stand a little taller and are firmer to boot, you definitely need to be concerned about your pectoral muscles. Keeping these muscles in shape is the only prevention you can take to avoid having your girls being doomed to the cruel game that gravity will play over time.

In Rachel Howe’s new best friend to your breasts, she not only tells you there is hope for all that womanhood has done to your chest, but she also gives you very detailed exercises that will bring a little spark back. She has put together an extraordinary book that has the answers so many of you have been searching for.

How Does Working out Help My Breasts?

You may be asking yourself how any workout guide could possibly help what is clearly fatty tissue. Well, Howe’s book will do this for you in 3 easy steps.

  • Step One: This guide targets the pectorals which are the muscles beneath the breasts. When these muscles are in shape, it helps to make your breasts firmer.
  • Step Two: The exercises inside will greatly affect your shoulder and upper back muscles. This will work on shoulders that have become rounded or slumped throughout the years, and thus, create a better posture that will add lift to your breasts.
  • Step Three: The categories and combinations of exercises will do more than affect muscles that will affect your breasts. They also work out your overall core including your abdomen and lower back. This in combination with exercises targeting the rest of the body and a good diet will get you in top physical shape. This will probably result in weight loss and more toned breasts since most of that area is fatty tissue.

If You Feel Your Breasts Need a Little Extra Attention, Then Look No Further.

The 15 Best Breast Lifting Exercises for Women creates a real workout that will leave you amazed at the results. Many women feel that when they reach a certain age it is just natural to accept their breasts as is unless they want to have plastic surgery. However, that is just not the case. With a good exercise routine, you will never have to sacrifice your breasts to gravity.

Breasts will always be tissue, but when you add Howe’s combination of. . .

  • Push-Ups,
  • Presses,
  • Flyes,
  • Rows,
  • & more. . .

to your workout routine, the muscles that surround and lie under the breasts will conform and shape them into something that is probably more appeasing to you. The fatty tissue will have no choice but to oblige the rest of the body. So if you are a woman who has lost all hope for her breasts and has no intention of going under the knife, this book has the answers you have been searching for.


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